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University Scholarships

“The NAF scholarship helped me acquire the necessary materials I needed for my academic studies and future career as a cardiologist.”
Iberedem Kennedy Dickson, University of Uyo, Medicine and Surgery

Scholarship Recipients 2006 - 2019 View here

      The goal of our university scholarship project is to help cultivate future Annang leaders within Annang communities in Nigeria. We achieve this goal by providing a scholarship to university-level students of Annang origin that have shown excellence in academics, leadership, and community service. Our scholarship is both merit-based and need-based. The annual scholarship application is online.


      We offered our first two scholarships in 2006 to Silas Udo Udo, an engineering major at the University of Calabar, and Dorothy Akpan Udo, an Education major at the University of Calabar. Between 2006 and 2019, we have awarded 80 scholarships. In addition to receiving N100,000 , students receive mentoring and career advice from members of our foundation, and are charged to continue excelling in academics as well as service to their community.

“I spontaneously feel a surge to proclaim that I had the most impact from the award as it came at a very critical and trying moment in my entire life. I lost my mum to a ghastly motor accident last year while my dad and siblings kept the debilitating news away from me for about 2 weeks after her demise, telling me she traveled to a remote location and that she was fine. The cat was only let loose when she, being the principal financial pillar of our home, didn't send me my usual monthly allowance! Freeing me from financial inadequacy was the first impact, undoubtedly. Where there is a will, there is a way. I still hold onto my dreams like a magnet holds onto iron filings. My dream is to become a renowned Pediatrician. When I thought it was time to press a pause in my career, that was when the scholarship gave me a reason to keep participating in the field of study.” 

Udeme-Abasi Nelson, University of Uyo, Medicine & Surgery

Scholarship Recipients 2006 - 2019 View here


School Adoption

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Entrepreneurial Training & Support

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Orphanage Support

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